Povestea Noastră – Zaivan Retreat


Zaivan este despre familie, despre sentimentul de acasă și despre povești frumoase.

Astăzi frumoasa proprietate de la poalele Bucegilor este deschisă pentru toți cei care doresc să ducă mai departe povestea acestui loc frumos.




Povestea Zaivan începe in Septembrie 1933 când un bărbat pe nume Gheorghe Grigorov se stabilește in Breaza de Jos, un cătun izolat si puțin populat, cunoscut doar prin tradiția oieritului, de la care si provine numele de Breaza.

Grigorov cumpară un teren generos ce făcea parte dintr-o livada generoasa, la poalele dealului Gurga pe deoparte, și până la apa sulfuroasă cunoscuta la acea vreme drept pârâul Goia. În acest loc, Grigorov decide să isi construiască un conac i elegant si confortabil, pe malul pârâului si înconjurat de câteva sute de  pomi fructiferi cum ar fi meri, perii gutuii si cireșii.




Era Bârladeanu

Bârladeanu, a notorious high-ranking politician bought the property after being banished by the communist party.


Making it his private secluded retreat, Bârladeanu spend days on end cultivating many kinds of flowers and spices, it is him that made lay the grounds for the todays rose alley.


In the family

A turning moment during the history of the country, during the year of the Romanian Revolution, the property is bought by the Raceanu family, Mr. Raceanu a prolific ship merchant and his wife, a medical doctor buys the property as their retirement home.

To occupy his time and following local customs, Raceanu becomes interested in animal herding and slowly grows to become the most important meat distributor butchery business in the area.



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Zaivan is born

Zaivan borrows its name from the word saivan, a type of shelter for cows and sheep in the area, itself derived from the Turkish word sayvan, a sumptuous tent or canopy used by high ranking nobility on their long travels.

This plays homage not only to the family’s traditions and links to the property but also to the overall herding traditions of the area. Moreover, in its brand, Zaivan also takes into account the areas traditions in the needleworking and costume making, nods to this can be seen in the look and feel and aesthetics of the property.


Zaivan today

Close to its 90-year anniversary, the property shines brighter than ever with a fresh perspective and global outlook and experience garnered from working with garnered from family team is bringing together a great deal of new…..doing more than just managing a location but opening the market entirely new category the catered premium serviced accommodation.

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